Rise of the Inquisitors

Alema's Dream "The Crystal"

ID# 151029

It was a normal sunny day on Ryloth as Alema walked through her home town. Nothing going on but the daily life that Alema had grown accustom to seeing in her childhood. Alema entered the town square and she heard her childhood friend, Numa, calling her. Alema quickly turned around with excitement and saw her childhood friend, not a day older than the last time she saw her. Alema, filled with joy, rushed over to embrace her friend.

As Alema moved closer, Numa shouted, “Alema follow me! I got a new toy!” Numa ran away from Alema and entered a door at the end of the town square. Alema, a little confused, picked up her pace and followed her friend.

When Alema entered the door, the inside was pitch black except for the sunlight now coming through the open door. Alema did not hesitate from continuing her run as she saw her friend standing just at the end of the visual range that the sunlight provided. With Numa now standing still, Alema was able to catch up to her.

As Alema approached her friend this time, Numa was akwardly still, and Alema could see her pointing at a faint glow in the distance, deeper into the darkness. Without a second thought, Alema passed right on by Numa and approached the glowing light. When Alema was in range to touch the source, she recognized the glowing object as the cube that she last saw safe and sound in her backpack. As Alema reached forward to grab the cube she said in confusion, “Numa, where did you get this?”

Again without thinking, Alema unlocked the cube like she had done many times before, but this time it just let out a burst of light that briefly filled the darkness. Alema looked up to see Numa now in front of her, but it was clear something wasn’t right. Numa was holding the bloody pick exactly like the one Alema had found in the tunnels not but a day ago. Sensing the presence of others, Alema quickly turned around to see Joey, Mohntu Rei, and Miandin standing in front of her, all of them each with a bloody pick in their hand.

Out of fear, Alema dropped the cube. When it hit the floor, the cube shattered into hundreds of pieces and the darkness turned to a dark red. In a panic, Alema couldn’t move. She turned her head to look at her four friends all moving in on her, their bloody picks ready to strike. They didn’t move quickly, but they were so close that Alema began to fear for her life.

Aleam looked down to see a red and black crystal just in her reach. It was like the one she saw in the tunnels except this time it was no bigger than the palm of her hand. Out of desperation Alema grabbed the crystal, and that’s when…Alema woke up.

Alema rushed to check her backpack. She was only able to calm down when she saw the glowy cube and the bloody pick, still safe where she left them.



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