Rise of the Inquisitors

Enroute to Ord Mantell and whilst Mohntu slept peacefully after his lesai wore off, the rest of the crew of The Spaceball Eagle One watched a newscast reporting that the Empire has confirmed Darth Vader’s death and security footage from the Galactic Solutions Industries Station had been retrieved. The footage shows crew in the data center of the station, but they have not yet been identified. With the substantial rewards the Empire has promised for information leading to their capture, the crew was eager to face Chordo.

Chordo’s Den had significantly more security than the crew remembered, so they waited until off hours to ease the situation. With Joey covering the back, and Mohntu and Miandin downstairs, Alema went to meet Chordo alone. This meeting was cut short when Mohntu and Miandin started a fight with some of Chordo’s guards. After Chordo shot Alema, Miandin starting a fire, and Joey throwing a few grenades, the crew killed all Chordo’s guards, leaving Chordo afraid and willing to talk.

Chordo revealed that he got the job from a middle man, Kak Jahkar and directed them to speak with Feen, a twi’lek dancer he employed. Alema, satisfied that Chordo had given them all his information, but still angry at having been shot, decapitated Chordo with her vibrosword. Mohntu then skinned Zaalbacc for a rug and/or coat. It was gross. Seriously, what’s wrong with the guy. The crew got a tip on Kak’s location from Feen, and gave the bar (which was still on fire) to Feen and the remaining dancers.

Feen’s tip led them to The Scruffy Bantha where Mohntu lost pazzak to Ro-Tahn-Moh, to whom Kak owes 1000 credits. After paying part of Kak’s debt and promising to bring him back to pay the rest, Ro-Tahn-Moh explained that Kak had been volunteered to be the bounty in an upcoming taping of The Galaxy’s Next Top Bounty Hunter on Champala.




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