Rise of the Inquisitors

Mysterious Things in Mysterious Places with Mysterious People

After retrieving a necklace from the body of Tendra Ortis, the crew of The Spaceball Eagle One left the nightmare of the uncharted planet behind them. Having previously unlocked her mysterious cube, Alema asked the rest of the crew to go to Korriban. No one knew anything of the planet other then it was one of the six planets the cube revealed to Alema and it was on the way to Ord Mantell. Space-Google didn’t have any relevant information so off they went.

From orbit, Korriban had no signs of sentient life save for a pyramid in a long narrow valley. Inside the pyramid, an old looking droid, V1-T4 welcomed the crew to The Sith Academy. Wanting to believe that they were students returning to the apparently long abandoned Academy, V1-T4 gave them a brochure, made them moldy sandwiches and informed them that they would have to wait for Headmaster Qordis, who had left the Academy 999 years ago, to return to admit them as students. Then Mohntu shut down him down.

Searching through the Academy, the crew found little of value until Alema’s mysterious cube began to shake near a door. A nearby datapad alluded to the Rite of Blood and Bone, a “trial to test strength and to grant it” in the adjacent Valley of the Dark Lords. Hoping this rite was the key to unlocking the door, they headed out into the valley, Mohntu on the crew’s only speeder and everyone else walking.

In the cave of the Rite of Blood and Bone, the crew faced a group of shyracks and a large worm-like creature with bladed legs. Miandin struck the killing blow on the creature and rolled it over Mohntu. A large pool of a thick blood red liquid and an alter piled high with skulls puzzled the crew for a time. They tried dropping skulls into the pool, scooping up the liquid in the skulls and a jar, and just soaking skulls in the pool. When nothing happened, they decided to return to the Academy. Alema and Mohntu took the speeder back and as Joey and Miandin walked back, several tie fighters and a transport ship flew over them and appeared to land on the landing platform behind the pyramid.

Alema placed a blood soaked skull on a platform in the door she had previously been investigating, and the door slid open, revealing a small piece of metal on a podium. Meanwhile, Mohntu reprogrammed V1-T4 so he could have remote control over the droid, and Joey flew to the top of the pyramid serve as lookout, seeing several stormtroopers and a mysterious female figure with a black cape. Miandin, Alema, and Mohntu hid and sent the droid out to meet the new arrivals. The woman pushed past the droid and toward the crew’s hiding place, so Mohntu attempted to use V1-T4 to shiv the woman with a knife he had hidden in the droid’s back. He was unsuccessful, and the woman pushed and destroyed V1-T4 with an unseen force.

Miandin, Alema, and Mohntu managed to sneak past the group through some vents to meet Joey on the landing platform where numerous stormtroopers stood between them and The Spaceball Eagle One. Alema took a devastating shot from the stormtroopers, but the crew made it back onto the ship. They proceeded to shoot through the landing platform to the supports underneath until the crashed into the chasm below. They made short work of the tie fighters that managed to take off, but the mysterious woman disappeared.



Devastating shot is right. I’ll always remember it.


If it works for power rangers, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work for stormtroopers.


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