Rise of the Inquisitors

Upon swapping the captives with Captain Gideon for Mohntu and Miandin, Alema discovered that the pirates had hidden timed grenades on her unconscious crew mates. After a failed attempt to roll the grenades back onto the enemy ship, Alema just closed the door to the airlock from the other side, leaving her crew mates with the grenades and hoped for the best. Mohntu and Miandin survived, and Joey flew The Spaceball Eagle One away from the pirates before they could do any more damage.

Once they finally arrived on Champala, the crew of The Spaceball Eagle One found themselves in a busy market place where they were accosted by a disheveled Drall, Boffen Nibs, who begged them to hide him. He was being chased by a group of Drall guards. After negotiating a fee, Mohntu ushered Boffen into the nearby Selkath Embassy where he passed himself off as Admiral Tom Aido, a fake Admiral of the Selkath fleet. Mohntu spent the next several hours performing a surprise inspection of the embassy to maintain his cover. During this time he discovered that Boffen was being chased because he stole the Eye of Corell, agreed to take Boffen off world, and got Boffen hooked on lesai.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew found large banners advertising The Galaxy’s Next Top Bounty Hunter including some featuring the competitors on the episode about to be filmed. One of these bounty hunters was a male Klatooinian who looked exactly like Miandin. Miandin impersonated this bounty hunter to gain access to the restricted area for the production, which allowed him to eat some free food, and discover the production schedule as well as information on the contestants; Bundar Drakk, the Klatooinian, a female Mon Calamari named Nis Jeemda, and a droid designated HK-77. Armed with this information, the crew returned to The Spaceball Eagle One and formulated a plan find Kak Jahkar.




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