Rise of the Inquisitors

Smuggling for Beginners

In The Scruffy Bantha, the crew of The Spaceball Eagle One was approached by Lannak, a bothan from Miandin’s past. Lannak had signed on to do a smuggling job for Gustip, a drall aristocrat, but his partners had bailed out of the deal. The crew of The Spaceball Eagle One agreed to do the job instead of Lannak. Before leaving Ord Mantell, Alema acquired a fake identity with the name Charbuck McLovin.

The Five Brother Shuffle is a smuggling run consisting of several microjumps through the Alderaan system. The first leg of the run involved delivering Oso Maduk, a captive duros, to a waiting ship. Oso tried to convince the crew to let him escape, but Miandin and Alema refused, mostly because he didn’t have enough credits, but that still almost counts. Upon delivering him, it was revealed that Oso was actually an agent for Gustip, acting as a test to prove that the crew are trust worthy enough to finish the job.

The next 2 drops of the Five Brother Shuffle were delivering crates of various drugs. Through some miracle, Mohntu Rei didn’t attempt to steal any of the drugs. The final stop required the crew to drop off Verd Ramos, an Alderaanian expatriate and willing passenger. On the way to the final drop, a miscalculated microjump resulted in The Spaceball Eagle One jumping into an asteroid field. Joey was able to maneuver through the field so well that the ship was perfectly positioned to see two ships that had been prepared to shoot the location where The Spaceball Eagle One should have been. A firefight ensued and the crew was able to destroy the enemy ships without much trouble.




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