Rise of the Inquisitors

Spooky Star Wars

The crew of The Spaceball Eagle One found themselves on an uncharted planet on the edge of wild space on a rescue mission. Joey’s unnamed friend needed his sister, Tendra Ortis, found. Tendra came to this uninhabited planet as part of ExplorCorp, an archaeological and research branch of the Empire, but her brother hadn’t heard from her in several weeks.

Landing on the planet, the crew found that only a few members of the ExplorCorp group remained; the rest had been exploring a series of tunnels in an attempt to find the source of an unexplained radio signal when a cave-in either killed them or trapped them inside where they slowly ran out of oxygen. None of the remaining ExplorCorp members seemed to want to speak to the crew, especially once Mohntu starting trying to give one member backrubs, but 3 members, Myla, Tamont, and Kenth, agreed to take the crew to the tunnels.

The atmosphere of the planet was unbreathable, so the crew was lent some spacesuits with approximately 2 days of oxygen. As the group descended into the red tunnels deep under a mountain, the crew picked up a strange radio signal, and spooky things began to happen. Tamont disappeared and reappeared after a time without explanation or memory of the event, and Myla began to hear unexplained noises. Throughout the tunnels, they found several bodies of the previous group and experienced a few earthquakes. During one such earthquake, Kenth fell partway through the group before being dragged completely through. Eventually, Tamont disappeared and reappeared again right before he attacked the group. Myla’s condition worsened despite Miandin’s attempts to keep her calm, and she finally ran off into the dark when the group found her own corpse.

After many tunnels and rooms that didn’t make any sense, the crew found a room with a large glowing red and black crystal in the center. Arranged around the crystal were the all the bodies of the orginal group, the bodies of Tamont, Myla, and Kenth, and the bodies of Joey, Monthu, Miandin, and Alema. The light from the crystal began to pulse and the bodies moved towards the group. Alema shot the crystal until it broke, revealing that much of what they had experienced was not actually real. Joey found Tendra’s body and retrieved her pendant for her brother.




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