Rise of the Inquisitors

Big damn heroes.

Back in space once again the intrepid crew of the Spaceball Eagle One needed to get their plans in order, but were plagued with questions: Why did Czerka destroy the GSI corporate space station back in the first episode? Who is this Jana Kara? And why did we let Miandin have a flame thrower?

While the ship’s fire suppression systems worked overtime to put out the cargo bay, the crew decided on where to go next. Czerka of course seemed like the best place to start to find out about Jana Kara. But how to keep our inquires secret. A quick search on the holonet revealed that the closest Czerka Corp. outpost was located on the Wookie home world of Kashyyyk.

The SBE1 came in for a landing over the densely forested planet of Kashyyyk, to settle on a platform high in the canopy. The crew learned from their holonet search that almost all inhabitants of Kashyyyk live in the canopy of the trees. The indigenous beasts of Kashyyyk become evermore dangerous the lower you go, with the most dangerous living in the shadowlands of the forest floor.

The crew discovered that the landing platform was operated by Czerka and that there was a near by station. Mohntu quickly saw an opportunity for disguise and deceit. After a quick visit to a local costume shop he donned a ragged cloak and pretended to be a beggar near the entrance of the station. However as he was the only vagrant on the platform he was run off almost immediately by the guards.

Alema and Nibbs decided on a much more direct route and applied for jobs at the Czerka station. She and Nibbs were separated during the interview process but both were hired on, although Alema did not see Nibbs for the rest of her first shift.

Joey decided that the rest of the crew were going at this the wrong way and decided to call 1-800-Czerka and ask for Jana Kara’s information directly….which worked.

With the knowledge that Jana Kara was the head of biotech at Czerka and that her office was on Coruscant the crew could be on their way agian…but wait! Where is Nibbs!?!

Never having returned from the Czerka Station the crew got worried…mildly concerned….well they at least went after him. Alema went into work the next day as per usual. Joey, Mohntu, and Miandin posed as exterminators and talked their way in through the front door. Luckily (or unluckily) the Czerka outpost was flooded by giant spiders. The crew fought their way through web and worry as they searched for Nibbs.

They finally found Nibbs in a medical looking facility with several Wookie younglings. Getting an academy award for the line, “It’s time for some catch and release”, Mohntu and the rest sprung the captives and smuggled them out of the station in a trash dumpster. Miandin stayed behind to get the money from the extermination job..

Miandin rejoined the group several minutes later as smoke started curling from the outpost.

The younglings asked to be taken back to their home; a climb down into shadowlands. They had moved out of the canopy as Czerka corp had been capturing the Wookies for manual labor and experiments. Mohntu took Nibbs (who seemed very ill) back to the SBE1 to recover.

The young Wookies lead the rest of the crew down into the trees of Kashyyyk. The climb was tough and treacherous. Joey annoyed everyone by flying around as they climbed. Mohntu attempted to catch up to the group by moving quickly. Apparently fish don’t climb trees very well though. Thankfully the DM didn’t know how to calculate falling damage and he was able to join the group once they reached the Wookie town on the forest floor.

The Wookie elders rewarded the crew for rescuing the youglings and asked if they would rescue the Wookies being held at a near by labor camp. The crew, drunk on being praised for the first time in their adventure, took up the new quest with gusto.

After dealing with the labor camp guards the crew was able to slice into the restraining collars they all wore, and thanks to a critical role they were able to release, not only the Wookies at this labor camp but all the Wookies across Kashyyyk.

The Elders were so happy with this result they granted Mohntu a special reward. One of their tribal healing staffs. Mohntu hoped he would be able to heal Nibbs with such a great and powerful (stick) medical device.

Slicer's Log 5

By the Progenitor! I found my diary! I thought I lost it on that nightmare planet. And here it was stuck under that gross Wookie skin I had.


Lights. Camera. Action!

The crew, now in possession of the critical knowledge that Czerka Corporation was involved with the hacking attack in the first episode, had found new drive and focus; which they immediately wasted by splitting up to do their own side missions.

Miandin, ever eager for fame fortune and fires, set out on to win ‘The Galaxy’s Next Top Bounty Hunter’ with his trusty new flame thrower. He stopped off at Rent-A-Speeder and, after a hefty security deposit, was on his way.

Alema, deciding that she could use some pointers in sword play, teamed up with Nis Jeemda. They rented a tandem speeder and they too were off into the jungles.

Mohntu, unconvinced that they had fully questioned Kak Jahkar took the Spaceball Eagle One back to Kak’s hiding spot.

Joey decided to hang out on set for a while.


In the dense jungles of Champala, Miandin spots one of the other bounty hunters, HK-77. Now was his chance to shorten the odds in this contest. Miandin carefully got into position. Carefully aimed. And carefully got the snot beat out of him. Luckily the droid saw no profit in killing Miandin out right, but he did leave him for dead in the middle of the dangerous wilderness.

Mohntu, who was flying back to Kak had sliced into the cameras following the bounty hunters. Mohntu watched in unsurprised horror as Miandin lost. With some quick piloting Mohntu landed the ship not far from Miandin. Mohntu took out the cameras in the area and dragged Miandin back to the ship. He then took his beaten, and frankly disgusting, Wookie skin out of the ship and torched it with Miandin’s flame thrower just enough to fake Miandin’s death.

Joey having gotten bored called for a pick up.


Alema and Nis were getting along well as they traveled. Jokes were made. Friendships were formed. Good times were had by all. Then the mood shifted as news of Bundar (aka Miandin) Drakk’s apparent death reached them. Nis was visibly upset by the news and her mood was not improved when she and Alema ran into none other than HK-77. Nis’s feelings for Bundar got the better of her and Alema watched in awe as Nis took HK-77 apart piece by piece.

Back on the SBE1, the crew found Kak again and began questioning him. Turns out that really the only piece of info they needed from him was that Czerka was involved. So after some bickering about what to do with him Miandin (who was now mostly healed) shot him.

Alema and Nis meanwhile decided to grieve at the local canteena. Where they ran into the REAL Bundar Drakk. Who was, upon inspection, not dead. He was very drunk though. Nis went from happy to angry to bewildered quicker than a ship making the Kessel Run. She then decided to work out her feelings physically and proceeded to knock the stuffing out of the incoherent Bundar. This very one sided battle culminated with Nis kicking Bundar out the door of the canteena. This was a very good moment to do so as Miandin happened to be pulling up on his rent-a-speeder with the body of Kak. With a, “Hey Nis.” Miandin casually kicked the body of Kak out onto the ground in front of her and whistled for Almea to hop on. They drove away leaving Nis extremely confused.


Back on the ship the crew decided to go back to town (mostly to get back the security deposits on all the speeders they had rented). They didn’t have much time to ponder about renter’s insurances though as several Imperial ships began touching down. They hung around just long enough to see the mysterious woman from Korriban disembark. Then the crew bravely ran away.

Free Food and Flame Throwers

Following a day of recon on Champala, the crew of The Spaceball Eagle One completely changed their previously agreed upon plans. Alema arranged to meet with one of the producers of the show, Garan Vamma, through the local bounty hunter office while Miandin, posing as Bundar Drakk, and Mohntu Rei entered the restricted area for The Galaxy’s Next Top Bounty Hunter to eat free food, and Joey mostly tried to stay out of sight. Alema told Garan that she needed to speak to Kak Jahkar about information regarding the Galactic Solutions Industries Station crash, and Garan agreed to give her Kak’s location as long as she wore a microphone the entire time, and he promised she would regret it if she harmed the production in any way. Alema took the location information and she, Joey, and Mohntu sped off towards Kak in The Spaceball Eagle One.

Unknown to everyone including the universe, Miandin decided to stay behind and continue to impersonate Bundar. He spent the day eating an absurd amount of free food, angry flirting with Nis Jeemda, who apparently had been previously involved with Bundar, and being photographed for promotional materials before he finally returned to Bundar’s trailer where he found the real and very hungover Bundar. It was easy for Miandin to convince Bundar that they were cousins and get the bounty hunter thoroughly drunk again. Miandin then had Bundar’s personal assistant, Jae An, call security to deal with the crazy drunk man in his trailer who was trying to impersonate him. Once Bundar was removed, Miandin helped himself to Bundar’s things, including a rifle with a flame thrower attachment, which naturally immediately resulted in setting the trailer on fire.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew caught up to Kak who was on a improvised raft, rowing across the sea as fast as he could. The trio skillfully dealt with a dianoga and followed Kak to a nearby island. Alema questioned Kak about who was behind the Galactic Solutions Industries job, but he refused to answer their questions unless they agreed to get him off world, indicating only that he believed whomever was responsible for the job had sold him to the show in an effort to tie up lose ends. In the end, Alema, not wanting to make an enemy of Garan, refused to take him off world, and the trio returned to town. Alema sought out the casting director, Raarkoo, and asked for information about the person who arranged for Kak to be on the show, revealing that they likely have information regarding the Galactic Solutions Industries crash. Raarkoo refused to give Alema the information, but mention of Galactic Solutions Industries interested her enough that she began to immediately look through Kak’s paperwork, which gave Alema a chance to see four words: Jana Kara Czerka Corp.


Showbiz Recon

Upon swapping the captives with Captain Gideon for Mohntu and Miandin, Alema discovered that the pirates had hidden timed grenades on her unconscious crew mates. After a failed attempt to roll the grenades back onto the enemy ship, Alema just closed the door to the airlock from the other side, leaving her crew mates with the grenades and hoped for the best. Mohntu and Miandin survived, and Joey flew The Spaceball Eagle One away from the pirates before they could do any more damage.

Once they finally arrived on Champala, the crew of The Spaceball Eagle One found themselves in a busy market place where they were accosted by a disheveled Drall, Boffen Nibs, who begged them to hide him. He was being chased by a group of Drall guards. After negotiating a fee, Mohntu ushered Boffen into the nearby Selkath Embassy where he passed himself off as Admiral Tom Aido, a fake Admiral of the Selkath fleet. Mohntu spent the next several hours performing a surprise inspection of the embassy to maintain his cover. During this time he discovered that Boffen was being chased because he stole the Eye of Corell, agreed to take Boffen off world, and got Boffen hooked on lesai.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew found large banners advertising The Galaxy’s Next Top Bounty Hunter including some featuring the competitors on the episode about to be filmed. One of these bounty hunters was a male Klatooinian who looked exactly like Miandin. Miandin impersonated this bounty hunter to gain access to the restricted area for the production, which allowed him to eat some free food, and discover the production schedule as well as information on the contestants; Bundar Drakk, the Klatooinian, a female Mon Calamari named Nis Jeemda, and a droid designated HK-77. Armed with this information, the crew returned to The Spaceball Eagle One and formulated a plan find Kak Jahkar.


Traps and How to Fall into Them

The crew of The Spaceball Eagle One made their final drop of the Five Brother Shuffle smuggling run and were rewarded for their efforts. In addition to the agreed upon price, Gustip gave them an encrypted comlink to use when they wish to do more smuggling work for the drall. The crew managed to complete the run rather quickly, which, thanks to Gustip spreading the word, is likely to give them a decent reputation among smugglers and potentially lead to more jobs in the future. The crew then took a brief stop on Alderaan, where Alema signed up to be a bounty hunter using her new fake identity, Charbuck McLovin, and Miandin lost most of his credits gambling.

With a successful smuggling job completed, the crew turned their attention and ship back to finding Kak Jahkar. On the journey to Champala, Mohntu stopped taking lesai to conserve his drugs and promptly fell into a deep sleep. His crew mates took this opportunity to break into his room and search through his things. Finding his drug supply, a photo of a younger familiar looking selkath, and an encrypted holocron, they went back to their business of just kind of tolerating each other and not bonding or trusting each other at all.

At one of the stops on the way to Champala, The Spaceball Eagle One intercepted a distress beacon from a nearby ship claiming to have been ambushed by raiders and to be dangerously close to losing life support. As they approached the ship, it was venting a significant amount of air, but Joey was able to tell that the air wasn’t coming from any actual damage and appeared to just be for show. Despite this, Mohntu and Miandin were determined to check out the ship, while Joey and Alema decided to stay behind. On the ship, Mohntu and Miandin did not find anyone until it was too late. The occupants of the ship ambushed them using shock gloves and poison gas grenades. Both were knocked unconscious before they could escape the ship, and two of the pirates made their way onto The Spaceball Eagle One. Considering leaving their crew mates to slavery or death, Joey and Alema undocked from the ship and shot at it. Feeling a bit of sympathy for their unconscious crew mates, or perhaps just being nice so the universe wouldn’t have to deal with a split party, they negotiated a prisoner swap the the pirate Captain Gideon.


Smuggling for Beginners

In The Scruffy Bantha, the crew of The Spaceball Eagle One was approached by Lannak, a bothan from Miandin’s past. Lannak had signed on to do a smuggling job for Gustip, a drall aristocrat, but his partners had bailed out of the deal. The crew of The Spaceball Eagle One agreed to do the job instead of Lannak. Before leaving Ord Mantell, Alema acquired a fake identity with the name Charbuck McLovin.

The Five Brother Shuffle is a smuggling run consisting of several microjumps through the Alderaan system. The first leg of the run involved delivering Oso Maduk, a captive duros, to a waiting ship. Oso tried to convince the crew to let him escape, but Miandin and Alema refused, mostly because he didn’t have enough credits, but that still almost counts. Upon delivering him, it was revealed that Oso was actually an agent for Gustip, acting as a test to prove that the crew are trust worthy enough to finish the job.

The next 2 drops of the Five Brother Shuffle were delivering crates of various drugs. Through some miracle, Mohntu Rei didn’t attempt to steal any of the drugs. The final stop required the crew to drop off Verd Ramos, an Alderaanian expatriate and willing passenger. On the way to the final drop, a miscalculated microjump resulted in The Spaceball Eagle One jumping into an asteroid field. Joey was able to maneuver through the field so well that the ship was perfectly positioned to see two ships that had been prepared to shoot the location where The Spaceball Eagle One should have been. A firefight ensued and the crew was able to destroy the enemy ships without much trouble.


Alema's Dream "Lava and Death?"
ID# 160113

Smoke filled the air making it difficult to see. The only light source seemed to be coming from the floor but it was faint. Alema heard familiar voices along side her as she moved forward through the smoke, but the smoke was too thick to see any faces. Alema sense that she was in danger that someone or something was chasing after her.

Eventually Alema came to a wall. Here the smoke weakened and Alema could see that she had been running on or over what looked like lava. Back where she came she could see a swarm of mysterious figures racing towards her in the smoke. She looked up to see familiar figures climbing the rocky terrain of the wall in front of her.

Alema felt she had no choice but to climb for her life. She climbed and climbed. She watched as the figures above her disappeared to what must be the top the smoking abyss. She didn’t look down, she just climbed as fast as she could, her heart racing.

Alema was close to the top. She reached out her right hand to grab the spot where she saw the figures disappear, but as she did, the rock under her left hand broke away from the wall, and Alema began to fall.

Alema felt like she was moving in slow motion. She was falling back first. She stared straight up. She could only see the cloud of black smoke that had formed above the abyss. It seemed to last forever, but eventually everything went black.

Alema awoke to feel her heart beating just as fast as it had felt in her dream. Alema had had dreams in the past, but there was something different about this one…this one felt real.

Confronting Chordo

Enroute to Ord Mantell and whilst Mohntu slept peacefully after his lesai wore off, the rest of the crew of The Spaceball Eagle One watched a newscast reporting that the Empire has confirmed Darth Vader’s death and security footage from the Galactic Solutions Industries Station had been retrieved. The footage shows crew in the data center of the station, but they have not yet been identified. With the substantial rewards the Empire has promised for information leading to their capture, the crew was eager to face Chordo.

Chordo’s Den had significantly more security than the crew remembered, so they waited until off hours to ease the situation. With Joey covering the back, and Mohntu and Miandin downstairs, Alema went to meet Chordo alone. This meeting was cut short when Mohntu and Miandin started a fight with some of Chordo’s guards. After Chordo shot Alema, Miandin starting a fire, and Joey throwing a few grenades, the crew killed all Chordo’s guards, leaving Chordo afraid and willing to talk.

Chordo revealed that he got the job from a middle man, Kak Jahkar and directed them to speak with Feen, a twi’lek dancer he employed. Alema, satisfied that Chordo had given them all his information, but still angry at having been shot, decapitated Chordo with her vibrosword. Mohntu then skinned Zaalbacc for a rug and/or coat. It was gross. Seriously, what’s wrong with the guy. The crew got a tip on Kak’s location from Feen, and gave the bar (which was still on fire) to Feen and the remaining dancers.

Feen’s tip led them to The Scruffy Bantha where Mohntu lost pazzak to Ro-Tahn-Moh, to whom Kak owes 1000 credits. After paying part of Kak’s debt and promising to bring him back to pay the rest, Ro-Tahn-Moh explained that Kak had been volunteered to be the bounty in an upcoming taping of The Galaxy’s Next Top Bounty Hunter on Champala.


Mysterious Things in Mysterious Places with Mysterious People

After retrieving a necklace from the body of Tendra Ortis, the crew of The Spaceball Eagle One left the nightmare of the uncharted planet behind them. Having previously unlocked her mysterious cube, Alema asked the rest of the crew to go to Korriban. No one knew anything of the planet other then it was one of the six planets the cube revealed to Alema and it was on the way to Ord Mantell. Space-Google didn’t have any relevant information so off they went.

From orbit, Korriban had no signs of sentient life save for a pyramid in a long narrow valley. Inside the pyramid, an old looking droid, V1-T4 welcomed the crew to The Sith Academy. Wanting to believe that they were students returning to the apparently long abandoned Academy, V1-T4 gave them a brochure, made them moldy sandwiches and informed them that they would have to wait for Headmaster Qordis, who had left the Academy 999 years ago, to return to admit them as students. Then Mohntu shut down him down.

Searching through the Academy, the crew found little of value until Alema’s mysterious cube began to shake near a door. A nearby datapad alluded to the Rite of Blood and Bone, a “trial to test strength and to grant it” in the adjacent Valley of the Dark Lords. Hoping this rite was the key to unlocking the door, they headed out into the valley, Mohntu on the crew’s only speeder and everyone else walking.

In the cave of the Rite of Blood and Bone, the crew faced a group of shyracks and a large worm-like creature with bladed legs. Miandin struck the killing blow on the creature and rolled it over Mohntu. A large pool of a thick blood red liquid and an alter piled high with skulls puzzled the crew for a time. They tried dropping skulls into the pool, scooping up the liquid in the skulls and a jar, and just soaking skulls in the pool. When nothing happened, they decided to return to the Academy. Alema and Mohntu took the speeder back and as Joey and Miandin walked back, several tie fighters and a transport ship flew over them and appeared to land on the landing platform behind the pyramid.

Alema placed a blood soaked skull on a platform in the door she had previously been investigating, and the door slid open, revealing a small piece of metal on a podium. Meanwhile, Mohntu reprogrammed V1-T4 so he could have remote control over the droid, and Joey flew to the top of the pyramid serve as lookout, seeing several stormtroopers and a mysterious female figure with a black cape. Miandin, Alema, and Mohntu hid and sent the droid out to meet the new arrivals. The woman pushed past the droid and toward the crew’s hiding place, so Mohntu attempted to use V1-T4 to shiv the woman with a knife he had hidden in the droid’s back. He was unsuccessful, and the woman pushed and destroyed V1-T4 with an unseen force.

Miandin, Alema, and Mohntu managed to sneak past the group through some vents to meet Joey on the landing platform where numerous stormtroopers stood between them and The Spaceball Eagle One. Alema took a devastating shot from the stormtroopers, but the crew made it back onto the ship. They proceeded to shoot through the landing platform to the supports underneath until the crashed into the chasm below. They made short work of the tie fighters that managed to take off, but the mysterious woman disappeared.



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