Rise of the Inquisitors

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Without Question

After a minor altercation with some bothans, the crew of The Spaceball Eagle One accepted a slicing job from Chordo without question. They did manage to negotiate a pay bump of 200 extra credits. The job was simply to break into the Galactic Solutions Industries data center on the GSI corporate space station orbiting Glee Anselm, slice a device into their system and protect the device while the guy on the other end finished doing whatever he needed to do. Who is that guy? What did he need to do? Who knows?! Certainly not the crew of The Spaceball Eagle One!

Upon arriving on the station, they were made to park next to an Imperial Shuttle surrounded by a number of stormtroopers, but it didn’t seem like a good time to start asking questions, so the crew moved on.

Armed with a fake resume, Miandin got access to the GSI building by convincing a droid that he had an job interview, then quickly found a ventilation shaft to let everyone else into the building, while Alema provided a distraction with a business appropriate sexy dance. After that is was quick work to find the data center in the bowels of the station. When Mohntu successfully sliced in with the device, little claws popped out from the device and dug into the server. Alarms sounded as the station began to shake and turn. The crew gave up on the idea of protecting the device rather quickly and snuck out of the data center just as a security team arrived to investigate. Mohntu then started a bit of a panic by telling everyone to evacuate due to some sort of disaster. As it turned out, there really was a disaster. When the crew finally got out of the building, they could see that the station was heading straight for Glee Anselm.

Back in the docking bay, they found that the Imperial Shuttle was still docked next to them, and they realized if they didn’t hurry, the shuttle would take the narrow window for escape. In the brief moment they spent debating if they should just shoot the Imperial pilot, they heard a heavy mechanical breathing behind them. Upon seeing Darth Vader rushing towards the shuttle, they decided it would be a good time to leave. Knocking the Imperial Shuttle to the side with The Spaceball Eagle One, Joey maneuvered out of the hanger bay just moments before the station crashed into the coast of one of Glee Anselm’s larger island. They raced ahead of the ensuing tsunami, but the ship wasn’t quite fast enough.


Slicer's Log

Dear Diary,

What a busy day! Some dirty mammal sat down next to me at Chordo’s Den; almost like it was people. Poor stupid mammal. I clearly showed it that it was in the wrong. I’m pretty sure that the group knew I needed no help what-so-ever, but being a team they helped out anyway. Go team!

(I should suggest team names! …go team Sturgeons! …team Monhtu and the Non-Fish? …I’ll crowd source.)

Chordo gave us a job but that rat double crossed us. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him, but I did thoroughly question him and he seemed legit…he didn’t even MENTION that the space station would crash. Well, I’ll be talking to him VERY sternly when we get out of this.

Speaking of which diary, I can’t talk long as we’re being wiped out by a lethal tidal wave currently. Such a busy day!


Floods, Gangs, and Limbs

The crew of The Spaceball Eagle One walked away from the tsunami induced crash with only a broken set of Star Wars Trek commemorative plates and a flooded turbo thrust converter coil. With the nearest city, Anselom, having been presumably crushed by a giant wave that the crew clearly had nothing to do with, they headed off through the forest towards Pieralos on the other side of the island. Although on alert from a sighting of a shadowy creature, the crew walked straight into a primitive net trap. Miandin cut everyone loose and it wasn’t long before they ran into 2 Nautolans, Morrin and Nim, caught in similar traps. Morrin and Nim were both trying to get to Pieralos in the wake of the tsunami destroying their homes, and informed the crew about the Anselmi Tribesmen who live in the forests where they trap and eat nautolans.

After a bit of arguing, the crew decided to follow the cries from other captured nautolans until they came across the anselmi village. The village was downstream from a dammed up river, and the captured nautolans were secured safely up in cages hanging from trees, so Mohntu swam upriver and planted one of Joey’s grenades in the dam. The grenade didn’t go off, however, because SOME GRENADES DEFINITELY ONLY DETONATE AFTER IMPACT. Everyone, except Mohntu, shot the grenade, blowing up the dam, and the crew destroyed another, albeit much smaller, town with a wave of water.

The crew made their way to Pieralos with the rescued nautolans and found a city devastated by loss. Through the crowds of refugees and nautolans searching for their loved ones, they overheard a news broadcast confirming that Darth Vadar is missing, and anyone wishing to leave Glee Anselm through the Imperial blockade will have to get special clearance from Imperial forces now on planet. A local ship part dealer, Keemi Wastan, agreed to give the crew a new turbo thrust converter coil if they retrieved her sister Aasani from a local gang Raanan’s Reds.

Alema talked her way into the gang’s hideout in an old ruin with a story about Keemi being injured in the tsunami. The gang’s leader, Eago Raanan, agreed to let Aasani see her sister, but only if his men took her later that evening. Alema took this opportunity to investigate a mysterious door in the ruins that none of the Reds had been able to open. As Alema approached the door, it began to light up and opened when she touched it. As the entire gang was distracted by this, Joey, Miandin, and Monhtu ambushed them and took them out with ease.

Alema pulled Aasani into the door for safety and found a mysterious cube which flickered briefly with an image of the galaxy. After dispatching the gang, the boys found 1 crate filled with death sticks & spice and 3 crates filled with anselmi body parts along with a data pad showing these were meant to be delivered to Nar Shaddaa.


Slicer's Log 2

Dear Diary,

This is the darkest day. The carnage I’ve seen in the last few hours. I can’t even look at the faces of the fallen. Thirteen… thirteen mint condition collector star wars trek plates smashed! Oh the huge-manatee! I’m not even sure if I can find replacements on this planet as 2/3 towns that we knew of mysteriously were wiped out.

However there was a silver lining in this catastrophe: we found a crate full of…various things.

I’m sure that those things wouldn’t be missed…by anyone. This is shaping up to be the best mission ever.


Planning, Arguing, and Secret Things

After taking out several members of Raanan’s Reds, the crew of The Spaceball Eagle One split up. Joey, Mohntu, and Miandin took the 3 crates of Anselmi body parts and the crate of death sticks and lesai back to the ship. The crates of body parts were placed in refrigerated storage compartment which conveniently exists, and the crate of drugs… wait, what crate? There were definitely only 3 crates. Meanwhile, Alema returned Aasani to her sister, Keemi. Keemi fulfilled her end of the bargain, giving Alema a new turbo thrust converter coil, and offering a new bargain. Keemi would install the turbo thrust converter coil and do everything in her power to make sure the Spaceball Eagle One got clearance to get off planet as along as the crew would take Aasani to her uncle on Dantooine.

The crew met up again to plan their escape and plan and plan and plan and plan and change the plan and argue about the plan and change the plan. Finally, it was decided that Keemi would watch the landing pad for a crew that passed their ship inspection and describe them to Alema, who would wait outside The Grand Sabilon hotel where the Imperials were conducting the crew interviews. Once a group matching Keemi’s description left the interview, and Alema sensed that their interview went well, she would tell Joey to steal the transponder from their ship. Then Mohntu and Miandin would fly the ship from its hiding space, Joey would install the transponder and they would leave during the other ship’s departure window, broadcasting the stolen ship codes.

Everything went according to plan until Mohntu flew the ship in the least sneaky way possible, drawing the attention of nearby stormtroopers. Alema, Keemi, and Joey raced towards the ship while Miandin and Mohntu took turns shooting the troopers with the ship’s guns. Joey installed the transponder and they took off, but they were forced to take Keemi with them as they ran out of time to drop her off.

After a few days of travel, the Spaceball Eagle One landed on Dorin, which was a surprise to everyone except for Joey who informed the group that he was leaving and would meet them on Nar Shaddaa after they dropped Keemi and Aasani off on Dantooine. Mohntu didn’t take this well and no one really listened as he gave an impassioned speech about how the group needed to stay together. Miandin tried to call in a bomb threat to the Dorin Terminal where Joey was waiting for his shuttle to Coruscant, but he wasn’t very convincing. Eventually they gave up and they took the sisters to Dantooine after threatening them to keep them quiet. Keemi was happy to forget she ever met the crew of the Spaceball Eagle One.

Reunited on Nar Shaddaa, the crew tried to sell the crates of body parts to a lady hutt, Jemba, but nothing is ever easy. Jemba demanded that the crew take care of a job for her as a sign of trust for their new business association. With no real choice, the crew set off to find a local rodian, Suvo Takka and collect the 2000 credits he owed Jemba. Suvo arrived home just after they broke into his apartment, and having no credits to pay back Jemba, he desperately begged the crew to turn him in to the local bounty office, collect the money and then rescue him before he is delivered to whoever put the bounty on him. This way they could use the bounty reward to pay Jemba, and keep the rest for themselves. Mohntu shot him immediately to knock him out, and suggested they do what Suvo asked…without they rescuing him. That’s exactly what they did, and they made a lot of credits that day. Well, Miandin and Alema did; Mohntu and Joey signed away a lot of their shares of credits for keeping drugs and not getting asked questions about secret trips to Coruscant respectively.


Slicer's Log 3

Dear Diary,

I think my team has just discovered its new calling. Bounty Hunting. It was possibly the easiest job we’ve ever done! All we had to do was track down someone at their house! I mean what kind of person goes into hiding at home! If all of these guys are this dumb it’ll be like shooting mammals in a barrel.

I guess the real question is can I trust my new team to not double cross us. I don’t know what Joey was up to…but he wasn’t persuaded to keep the team together, even though I made a speech. Needless to say it all seems mighty unfishy to me.


Spooky Star Wars

The crew of The Spaceball Eagle One found themselves on an uncharted planet on the edge of wild space on a rescue mission. Joey’s unnamed friend needed his sister, Tendra Ortis, found. Tendra came to this uninhabited planet as part of ExplorCorp, an archaeological and research branch of the Empire, but her brother hadn’t heard from her in several weeks.

Landing on the planet, the crew found that only a few members of the ExplorCorp group remained; the rest had been exploring a series of tunnels in an attempt to find the source of an unexplained radio signal when a cave-in either killed them or trapped them inside where they slowly ran out of oxygen. None of the remaining ExplorCorp members seemed to want to speak to the crew, especially once Mohntu starting trying to give one member backrubs, but 3 members, Myla, Tamont, and Kenth, agreed to take the crew to the tunnels.

The atmosphere of the planet was unbreathable, so the crew was lent some spacesuits with approximately 2 days of oxygen. As the group descended into the red tunnels deep under a mountain, the crew picked up a strange radio signal, and spooky things began to happen. Tamont disappeared and reappeared after a time without explanation or memory of the event, and Myla began to hear unexplained noises. Throughout the tunnels, they found several bodies of the previous group and experienced a few earthquakes. During one such earthquake, Kenth fell partway through the group before being dragged completely through. Eventually, Tamont disappeared and reappeared again right before he attacked the group. Myla’s condition worsened despite Miandin’s attempts to keep her calm, and she finally ran off into the dark when the group found her own corpse.

After many tunnels and rooms that didn’t make any sense, the crew found a room with a large glowing red and black crystal in the center. Arranged around the crystal were the all the bodies of the orginal group, the bodies of Tamont, Myla, and Kenth, and the bodies of Joey, Monthu, Miandin, and Alema. The light from the crystal began to pulse and the bodies moved towards the group. Alema shot the crystal until it broke, revealing that much of what they had experienced was not actually real. Joey found Tendra’s body and retrieved her pendant for her brother.


Alema's Dream "The Crystal"
ID# 151029

It was a normal sunny day on Ryloth as Alema walked through her home town. Nothing going on but the daily life that Alema had grown accustom to seeing in her childhood. Alema entered the town square and she heard her childhood friend, Numa, calling her. Alema quickly turned around with excitement and saw her childhood friend, not a day older than the last time she saw her. Alema, filled with joy, rushed over to embrace her friend.

As Alema moved closer, Numa shouted, “Alema follow me! I got a new toy!” Numa ran away from Alema and entered a door at the end of the town square. Alema, a little confused, picked up her pace and followed her friend.

When Alema entered the door, the inside was pitch black except for the sunlight now coming through the open door. Alema did not hesitate from continuing her run as she saw her friend standing just at the end of the visual range that the sunlight provided. With Numa now standing still, Alema was able to catch up to her.

As Alema approached her friend this time, Numa was akwardly still, and Alema could see her pointing at a faint glow in the distance, deeper into the darkness. Without a second thought, Alema passed right on by Numa and approached the glowing light. When Alema was in range to touch the source, she recognized the glowing object as the cube that she last saw safe and sound in her backpack. As Alema reached forward to grab the cube she said in confusion, “Numa, where did you get this?”

Again without thinking, Alema unlocked the cube like she had done many times before, but this time it just let out a burst of light that briefly filled the darkness. Alema looked up to see Numa now in front of her, but it was clear something wasn’t right. Numa was holding the bloody pick exactly like the one Alema had found in the tunnels not but a day ago. Sensing the presence of others, Alema quickly turned around to see Joey, Mohntu Rei, and Miandin standing in front of her, all of them each with a bloody pick in their hand.

Out of fear, Alema dropped the cube. When it hit the floor, the cube shattered into hundreds of pieces and the darkness turned to a dark red. In a panic, Alema couldn’t move. She turned her head to look at her four friends all moving in on her, their bloody picks ready to strike. They didn’t move quickly, but they were so close that Alema began to fear for her life.

Aleam looked down to see a red and black crystal just in her reach. It was like the one she saw in the tunnels except this time it was no bigger than the palm of her hand. Out of desperation Alema grabbed the crystal, and that’s when…Alema woke up.

Alema rushed to check her backpack. She was only able to calm down when she saw the glowy cube and the bloody pick, still safe where she left them.

Slicer's Log 4

Dear Diary,

What the criff just happened?!? Joey lead us to a planet to locate someone’s sister for unknown reasons (probably murder). However our search took a turn for the worse when everyone died. Now Diary, we both know that I’ve been on some bad trips before, but this was way worse. The real question in this mess is…can I sell some of this trippy crystal? Or maybe a smaller amount would produce better results? Time to break out the chemistry set. Maybe Kin would know about this stuff?

Oh and Joey died and is now going to murder us all in our sleep, which works out well for me.



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