Tag: nautolan


  • Raanan's Reds

    Raanan's Reds are a gang of nautolans led by [[:eago-raanan | Eago Raanan]] and based in an old ruin outside of [[Pieralos | Pieralos]]. They are involved in selling drugs and harvesting the body parts of [[Anselmi Tribesmen]] to smuggle to Nar Shaddaa.

  • Aasani Wastan

    Aasani is the younger sister of [[:keemi-wastan | Keemi Wastan]], and a junior member of [[Raanan's Reds | Raanan's Reds]]. Keemi sent the crew to retrieve Aasani from the Reds and [[:eago-raanan | Eago Raanan]], her inappropriately aged boyfriend.

  • Keemi Wastan

    Keemi is the owner of [[Wastan Parts]] and former member of [[Raanan's Reds]]. The crew met her while trying to get a turbo thrust converter coil for [[The Spaceball Eagle One | The Spaceball Eagle One]] after crashing on Glee Anselm. She warned them …

  • Eago Raanan

    Eago was the leader of [[Raanan's Reds | Raanan's Reds]] until the crew killed him and many other gang members in their attempt to retrieve [[:aasani-wastan | Aasani Wastan]].