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  • Glee Anselm

    Known cities: [[Anselom | Anselom]] [[Pieralos | Pieralos]] Indigenous Species: [[Anselmi Tribesmen | Anselmi Tribesmen]] [[Nautolans | Nautolans]]

  • Coruscant

    Coruscant in the capital of the Empire and is covered entirely by one big city. Joey left the group after their escape from [[Glee Anselm | Glee Anselm]] to do secret stuff on Coruscant.

  • Dantooine

    Covered in grasslands and rolling hills, Dantooine is primarily home to farming settlements. The crew took [[:keemi-wastan | Keemi Wastan]] and [[:aasani-wastan | Aasani Wastan]] to their uncle on Dantooine after escaping the blockade on [[Glee Anselm …

  • Dorin

    [[:joey | Joey]] secretly plotted a course for the desert planet of Dorin after the crew escaped [[Glee Anselm | Glee Anselm]] so he could take a shuttle to [[Coruscant | Coruscant]]

  • Korriban

    A largely desolate planet that is home to [[The Sith Academy]] and [[Valley of the Dark Lords]]. The crew of [[The Spaceball Eagle One | The Spaceball Eagle One]] came here after retrieving its coordinates from [[:alem-afa | Alema's]] mysterious cube.

  • Champala

    The filming location for an episode of [[The Galaxy's Next Top Bounty Hunter | The Galaxy's Next Top Bounty Hunter]] featuring [[:kak-jahkar | Kak Jahkar]] as the bounty.

  • Alderaan

    A peaceful farming planet, Alderaan is lush and quaint. The crew stopped here after finishing the Five Brother Shuffle Smuggling run for [[:gustip | Gustip]]. Here they gambled and Alema signed up as a bounty hunter name under her alias [[:charbuck- …