Rise of the Inquisitors

Following a day of recon on Champala, the crew of The Spaceball Eagle One completely changed their previously agreed upon plans. Alema arranged to meet with one of the producers of the show, Garan Vamma, through the local bounty hunter office while Miandin, posing as Bundar Drakk, and Mohntu Rei entered the restricted area for The Galaxy’s Next Top Bounty Hunter to eat free food, and Joey mostly tried to stay out of sight. Alema told Garan that she needed to speak to Kak Jahkar about information regarding the Galactic Solutions Industries Station crash, and Garan agreed to give her Kak’s location as long as she wore a microphone the entire time, and he promised she would regret it if she harmed the production in any way. Alema took the location information and she, Joey, and Mohntu sped off towards Kak in The Spaceball Eagle One.

Unknown to everyone including the universe, Miandin decided to stay behind and continue to impersonate Bundar. He spent the day eating an absurd amount of free food, angry flirting with Nis Jeemda, who apparently had been previously involved with Bundar, and being photographed for promotional materials before he finally returned to Bundar’s trailer where he found the real and very hungover Bundar. It was easy for Miandin to convince Bundar that they were cousins and get the bounty hunter thoroughly drunk again. Miandin then had Bundar’s personal assistant, Jae An, call security to deal with the crazy drunk man in his trailer who was trying to impersonate him. Once Bundar was removed, Miandin helped himself to Bundar’s things, including a rifle with a flame thrower attachment, which naturally immediately resulted in setting the trailer on fire.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew caught up to Kak who was on a improvised raft, rowing across the sea as fast as he could. The trio skillfully dealt with a dianoga and followed Kak to a nearby island. Alema questioned Kak about who was behind the Galactic Solutions Industries job, but he refused to answer their questions unless they agreed to get him off world, indicating only that he believed whomever was responsible for the job had sold him to the show in an effort to tie up lose ends. In the end, Alema, not wanting to make an enemy of Garan, refused to take him off world, and the trio returned to town. Alema sought out the casting director, Raarkoo, and asked for information about the person who arranged for Kak to be on the show, revealing that they likely have information regarding the Galactic Solutions Industries crash. Raarkoo refused to give Alema the information, but mention of Galactic Solutions Industries interested her enough that she began to immediately look through Kak’s paperwork, which gave Alema a chance to see four words: Jana Kara Czerka Corp.




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