Rise of the Inquisitors

Lights. Camera. Action!

The crew, now in possession of the critical knowledge that Czerka Corporation was involved with the hacking attack in the first episode, had found new drive and focus; which they immediately wasted by splitting up to do their own side missions.

Miandin, ever eager for fame fortune and fires, set out on to win ‘The Galaxy’s Next Top Bounty Hunter’ with his trusty new flame thrower. He stopped off at Rent-A-Speeder and, after a hefty security deposit, was on his way.

Alema, deciding that she could use some pointers in sword play, teamed up with Nis Jeemda. They rented a tandem speeder and they too were off into the jungles.

Mohntu, unconvinced that they had fully questioned Kak Jahkar took the Spaceball Eagle One back to Kak’s hiding spot.

Joey decided to hang out on set for a while.


In the dense jungles of Champala, Miandin spots one of the other bounty hunters, HK-77. Now was his chance to shorten the odds in this contest. Miandin carefully got into position. Carefully aimed. And carefully got the snot beat out of him. Luckily the droid saw no profit in killing Miandin out right, but he did leave him for dead in the middle of the dangerous wilderness.

Mohntu, who was flying back to Kak had sliced into the cameras following the bounty hunters. Mohntu watched in unsurprised horror as Miandin lost. With some quick piloting Mohntu landed the ship not far from Miandin. Mohntu took out the cameras in the area and dragged Miandin back to the ship. He then took his beaten, and frankly disgusting, Wookie skin out of the ship and torched it with Miandin’s flame thrower just enough to fake Miandin’s death.

Joey having gotten bored called for a pick up.


Alema and Nis were getting along well as they traveled. Jokes were made. Friendships were formed. Good times were had by all. Then the mood shifted as news of Bundar (aka Miandin) Drakk’s apparent death reached them. Nis was visibly upset by the news and her mood was not improved when she and Alema ran into none other than HK-77. Nis’s feelings for Bundar got the better of her and Alema watched in awe as Nis took HK-77 apart piece by piece.

Back on the SBE1, the crew found Kak again and began questioning him. Turns out that really the only piece of info they needed from him was that Czerka was involved. So after some bickering about what to do with him Miandin (who was now mostly healed) shot him.

Alema and Nis meanwhile decided to grieve at the local canteena. Where they ran into the REAL Bundar Drakk. Who was, upon inspection, not dead. He was very drunk though. Nis went from happy to angry to bewildered quicker than a ship making the Kessel Run. She then decided to work out her feelings physically and proceeded to knock the stuffing out of the incoherent Bundar. This very one sided battle culminated with Nis kicking Bundar out the door of the canteena. This was a very good moment to do so as Miandin happened to be pulling up on his rent-a-speeder with the body of Kak. With a, “Hey Nis.” Miandin casually kicked the body of Kak out onto the ground in front of her and whistled for Almea to hop on. They drove away leaving Nis extremely confused.


Back on the ship the crew decided to go back to town (mostly to get back the security deposits on all the speeders they had rented). They didn’t have much time to ponder about renter’s insurances though as several Imperial ships began touching down. They hung around just long enough to see the mysterious woman from Korriban disembark. Then the crew bravely ran away.



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