Rise of the Inquisitors

Traps and How to Fall into Them

The crew of The Spaceball Eagle One made their final drop of the Five Brother Shuffle smuggling run and were rewarded for their efforts. In addition to the agreed upon price, Gustip gave them an encrypted comlink to use when they wish to do more smuggling work for the drall. The crew managed to complete the run rather quickly, which, thanks to Gustip spreading the word, is likely to give them a decent reputation among smugglers and potentially lead to more jobs in the future. The crew then took a brief stop on Alderaan, where Alema signed up to be a bounty hunter using her new fake identity, Charbuck McLovin, and Miandin lost most of his credits gambling.

With a successful smuggling job completed, the crew turned their attention and ship back to finding Kak Jahkar. On the journey to Champala, Mohntu stopped taking lesai to conserve his drugs and promptly fell into a deep sleep. His crew mates took this opportunity to break into his room and search through his things. Finding his drug supply, a photo of a younger familiar looking selkath, and an encrypted holocron, they went back to their business of just kind of tolerating each other and not bonding or trusting each other at all.

At one of the stops on the way to Champala, The Spaceball Eagle One intercepted a distress beacon from a nearby ship claiming to have been ambushed by raiders and to be dangerously close to losing life support. As they approached the ship, it was venting a significant amount of air, but Joey was able to tell that the air wasn’t coming from any actual damage and appeared to just be for show. Despite this, Mohntu and Miandin were determined to check out the ship, while Joey and Alema decided to stay behind. On the ship, Mohntu and Miandin did not find anyone until it was too late. The occupants of the ship ambushed them using shock gloves and poison gas grenades. Both were knocked unconscious before they could escape the ship, and two of the pirates made their way onto The Spaceball Eagle One. Considering leaving their crew mates to slavery or death, Joey and Alema undocked from the ship and shot at it. Feeling a bit of sympathy for their unconscious crew mates, or perhaps just being nice so the universe wouldn’t have to deal with a split party, they negotiated a prisoner swap the the pirate Captain Gideon.




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